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Founded in 1977 under the principles of ‘right mind’(正心), ‘right view’(正見), ‘right action’(正行), ‘honesty’(正直), ‘right way’(正道), Jeonghwa Food has always been determined to consistently provide better quality products.

Based on constant technological research and development to satisfy customers’ demands, accumulated technology, experience and trust, we have tried to provide low-priced, healthy products that can be enjoyed by every body. In particular, we try to take full advantage of Korea’s best know-how so that we can make the best products and take the leading position in the domestic market with a variety of products such as seasoned squids, butter-flavored roasted squids, squids baked on Maekbanseok (elvan), barbeque-flavored squids, electrically-baked squids. In addition, Jeonghwa is also working on the development of new products that can meet the changing demands of consumers that include beef jerky, dried file fish, dried mitra squids and cheese slices.


At the same time, we export various kinds of products to global markets through our systematic international sales channels using sales agents in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Russia as well as engaging in consistent promotion activities at renowned international food exhibitions.

We are proud of leading the fisheries processing food industry and deploying the most sophisticated facilities and best production capabilities in Korea by systematically operating 5 specialized plants including a squid processing plant, an export products processing plant, a frozen food plant and a cutting-edge processing plant located in Pohang-city and Yeongdeok of Gyeongsangbuk-do.