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Sales performance of wholesale team

1. Customers

Jungbu wholesale market, Garak wholesale market and other outer markets in Seoul metropolitan areas, Gangwon and Chungcheong provincial areas.
Customers Overview
Jungbu Market As a traditional market located in Eulji-ro, it performs a central role in dried fish sales.
Garak Market It is the Mecca of general markets, carrying various kinds of agro-products, fisheries products and livestock products.
Outer Market Affected by Jung-bu Market and Garak Market in Seoul, this lively market is focused on relatively small areas of Gyeonggi provincial areas

2. Market share :

Maintaining 28% of market share in small-medium sized marts and retailers.

3. Future outlook :

To maximize sales revenue by maintaining existing customers and promoting sales among retailers located in Seoul metropolitan areas and satellite cities.