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Key Production line


Key production line

Jeonghwa Food puts its focus on cutting-edge facility systems and hygienic manufacturing.
Jeonghwa Food uses a single item to manufacture around 150 kinds of products, satisfying various preferences and always tasting fresh and delicious.

  • Use only fresh squids captured in the east coast
  • Products processed and stored in an instant refrigeration device and delivered fast
  • Maintain total sanitation and hygiene to ensure the freshness of products
  • Classification by automatic conveyer line
  • Classification and dissolution system to manufacture products by part
  • Perfect ultraviolet ray sterilization processing
  • Vacuum package processing system to preserve taste
  • Implementation of products management- Bar code system through large-scale logistics system
  • Implementation of products recall system

Flow chart (Electronically-baked seasoned squid)

01. Procuring raw materials 02. To thaw frozen squids 03. Disemboweling
To purchase Korean squid   To thaw frozen squids   To disembowel thawed squids
04. Peeling 05 .Boiling 06. Cooling
To peel squid skins   To boil squids in high-temperature drinking water   To cool boiled squids in low temperature drinking water
07. Separating 08. Seasoning 09. Desiccating
To separate head/body/suckers   To season squids with a composite of seasonings using sealed seasoning tank   To dry seasoned squids
10. Roasting 11. Rolling 12. Cutting

To bake squids using an electronic roaster

  To appropriately control sizes with the roasted body of squids per weight    To appropriately control sizes with rolled squids per weight
13 .Packing 14. Sealing 15. Selecting
To put cut squids into the packing material   To seal the packing material using vacuum compressor   To identify and select foreign particles in the packed products

Process Chart Picture

Process Chart Picture