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Management Philosophy

Management philosophy

Jeonghwa food is striving ceaselessly to become the world’s leading fish food manufacturing company with a priority on customer satisfaction based on integrity and trust.

We are committed to enhancing our credibility and reputation through honest behavior and words, and by respecting our customers, employees and members of society.

1. Integrity towards our customers

  • We provide valuable products for our customers at reasonable prices.
  • We are committed to supplying safety-proven products.
  • We would rather think one more time from the standpoint of our customers than dwell on the interests of
    the company when making a decision

2. Integrity towards our employees

  • We are committed to providing equal opportunity and fair treatment for each employee.
  • We foster talents by establishing a working environment where employees can freely develop their own skills and strengths.
  • We pay the greatest attention to our employees so that they can feel happiness in their private lives.

3. Integrity towards society

  • We are committed to continuously developing technology and services to improve the quality life for our customers and society as a whole.
  • We are determined to meet expectations placed on Jeonghwa by local society.
  • We are committed to maintaining our reputation and credibility among all companies and customers who deal with Jeonghwa.