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Special sales


Sales performance of special sales team

1. Customers

Customers' name Dealers
Republic of Korea army PX Republic of Korea army PX
Suhyup (National Federation of Fisheries Cooperative) Food supplies for army camps
KTX Portable and fixed corner stores on the train
Korail Retail Retailer shops at the stations
Lotte Fresh Delica Lotte Cinema
Yu Jin Food Megabox, individual theater
IGS Duty free shop at the airports (Incheon, Gimpo and Busan)
Hanaro subsidiary Individual Nonghyup
The Hite Individual Nonghyup
Others NS-eshop and chain shops

2. Special sales market :

We are striving to increase sales and enhance awareness among consumers by exploring slightly different markets from existing distribution and wholesale channels.

We sell our products in the forms of mandatory purchase or supplementary purchase in markets where existing consumers purchase their choice from among a variety of products.

Sales revenue is continuously generated by Korea's number 1 brewery, Hite, the Army PX, theaters and duty free shops and it is expected to increase by exploring various undiscovered sales channels.