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1.Overview From years of experience OEM is recommended in order to boost sales since selecting items and pricing are negotiable. Factors relevant to markets trends include volume and material grade (Grade A- Korean, Grade B-Peruvian), but the number of items and printing cost must be discussed in detail.
2. Design Buyers customarily complete the design and send the design CD after providing information on products. Design work can be done by us, but the job will get done faster only when buyers pay attention to the design in consideration of the unique features of markets.
3. Packing material

If more than three to four items are selected, there are two ways to produce packing materials to reduce printing cost and inventory risk. One is to attach stickers per product after producing the packing materials based on a single design format. The other is to produce individual packing materials by item.

It's recommended to make a single design format for compatibility, cost reduction and for a visually unified pattern.

4. Minimum volume at a time Approximately 30,000 sheets per item
5. Printing cost When the designs for 4 items are similar and compatible : expected to cost around KRW 1.5 ~ 2 million
6. Packing material cost When the order is made for 4 items in minimum volume: expected to cost around KRW 4 ~ 4.5 million
7. Terms and conditions

1) A shall bear the cost of copper plates which is used for packaging of the Product.

2) Upon receipt of payment for the aforesaid copper plates from A, B shall be responsible for procuring the copper plate and packaging materials.

3) In case of the following purchase order being unrealized over a period of 6 months, A shall compensate B for the packaging materials and boxes stored at B’s premise.

4) If markings on the packaging and/or box are wrong due to mistakes and/or negligence of A, or if an additional copper plate is to be made or the existing copper plate needs to be modified upon the request of A, A shall bear the corresponding costs.